A message from Peter.

The people at Vast Dental, the employees, the providers, the ones who book your appointments, the ones who treat you, the ones who greet you at the door… they are what makes Vast Dental awesome. It may seem different for a dental office to open a statement about its staff. After all, we are a service based business, and yet I open my statement talking about the staff. I strongly believe that our establishment, our reputation, and our success is contributed to our staff. I owe everything to our staff for making the commitment to the Vast Dental family. Some of us grew up in the area, others commute over an hour every morning, however all of us are in this together.

I will make another bold statement by saying our staff is my first priority. My primary responsibility is to have a happy staff. I want to ensure everyone who works here come in with the support they deserve, the energy to fulfill their lives, and the feeling that they belong here. If the employees are happy to be here, I believe our patients can see this, and feel this as well, and hopefully, our patients will be happy to be here as well.

Vast Dental will continue to explore and research into technology. I believe the world is changing so fast, and technology is changing even faster. I want to be up to date with all the dental technology available and to understand how it my benefit our patients. Once a technology has been proven without a doubt, that is when we would invest into bringing that technology to our office.

In closing I can’t help reminiscing about our first patient on February 5, 2014, and how far Vast Dental has become. I look forward to the years ahead and excited to what the future holds.

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