Vast Insurance Plan

Vast Dental offers a simple and easy to understand discount plan. Once you sign up to be a VIP your discount rate will begin immediately.   A one time activation fee applies, but there are no subscriptions, and no monthly or annual fees.

Activation fee:

Individual: $99

Family: $199

* Family plan would include yourself, spouse, children, and stepchildren.  Rates are subjects to change without notice.  VIP is not an insurance plan and there is no annual deductible  There is no limit on how much discount you can use.

Patients with no insurance:

For patients with no insurance, all procedure will have the discount applied immediately, and the copay will be charged at the VIP discount rate

Patients WITH insurance:

For patients with insurance, your insurance will be your primary insurance.  If your insurance benefit maxes out or if a procedure is not covered by your insurance, the VIP discount plan rate will apply.

2021 Comparison rate

Code Procedure   Office Fee  Office VIP 
D1110 Adult Cleaning 18 and older $146.63$87.98
D1120 Child Cleaning under 18 $119.07$71.44
D0140 Limited Exam $124.03$74.42
D02201 PA $48.62$29.17
D0230 Additional PA $36.50$21.90
D0274 4 Bitewings  $108.15$64.89
D0210 Full Mouth X-ray $223.69$134.21
D0330 Pano X-ray $189.63$113.78
D1208 Fluoride $57.11$34.27
D1351 Sealants $91.18$54.71
D2740 Crown $1,915.83$1,149.50
D2950 Core Build up   $421.36$252.82
D2920 Cwn Recement   $177.50$106.50
D3310 Endo-anterior  $1,205.08$723.05
D3320 Endo-premolar   $1,394.92$836.95
D3330 Endo-molar  $1,693.65 $1,016.19
D7140 Simple ext   $290.51$174.31
D7210 Surgical ext   $471.65$282.99
D4341 SRP (4+ teeth)   $416.97$250.18
D4342 SRP (1-3 teeth) $289.30173.58
D7953 Bone Grafting  $904.00$884.00
D1112 Soft Night Guard  $99.00$94.00
D9944 Hard Night Guard  $761.00$661.00
Zoom  $399.00$399.00
Clear Retainer  $250.00$250.00

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