Peter Su, MBA


Peter has deep connections to Vast Dental in Newton because of the relationship he has with the community. Peter went to Our Lady’s Newton Catholic Elementary and also served as an altar-boy. During the times in Newton, Peter and his family has volunteered at the church and participated in many of the local events. He attended Northeastern University where he obtained his Masters of Business Administration in finance and his Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In 1998 he incorporated his dot-com company and later moved on to other ventures. Peter has held numerous positions at the corporate level from design engineer to management. He taught physics, math and finance to the same private high school where he was an alter boy as a child. In the early 2000, he became a real estate developer/investor in the New England area. In 2007, he married the love of his life Thu Hoang who was in Dental School at Boston University. “We not only fell in love, we became inseparable”. In 2014, he co-founded a dental office with his wife Dr. Thu A. Hoang and named the practice V.A.S.T. Dental, which is an acronym for all the members in the family, Vera, Anson, Su, Thu (daughter, son, self, wife).

Peter has many hobbies and enjoys life with many different adventures. He still does photography, however he no longer does it professionally which has had done so for 10 year. He also enjoys building and construction. His most recent project was building a greenhouse to grow plants and raising fish in an aquaponics system. His most recent hobby is shooting archery with his daughter, and building and construction with his son. He and his wife Dr Hoang resides in Weston with their two children.

Languages: English, Vietnamese
Hobbies: Archery, Golf, Tennis, Photography, Cycling

Favorite Movie: The Rock (1996)

Aubri (Cheng-Hsi Hsieh), MS

Human Resources Specialist

Aubri is a Human Resources Specialist. Her areas of expertise include compensation and benefits, employee relations, and performance management. Aubri Received her Master of Science in Leadership with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Northeastern University in 2019. She also holds a Bachelor of Art in Spanish from Tamkang University in Taiwan. Aubri is a member of The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She strives to keep her professional development continuous and keep up with changing HR Laws and trends. Aubri has proven that strategic HR is needed for a company’s long-term business goals. Her proven success at Vast Dental include creating a performance management system, developing and improving compensation and benefits package, and keeping the business in HR compliance. Basically, her responsibility is to ensure everyone, from the staff, state rules and regulations and federal compliance is happy.

Outside of the office, Aubri serves as a volunteer tutor at the YMCA English Learning Center, helping immigrant English learners to learn English and coaching them to adapt to a new culture by sharing her own experience. Aubri enjoys hanging out with her lovely orange tabby and her fiancé, and she also loves trying different foods and traveling around the world with her family.

Languages: English, Mandarin
Hobbies: Food, Traveling, Loves her cat